Agneepath Yojana Kya Hai

Agneepath Yojana Kya Hai

Agneepath Yojana Kya Hai

The Agneepath Scheme, launched by the Government of India on June 16, 2022, marks a significant initiative aimed at recruiting soldiers below the rank of commissioned officers in the three services of the armed forces. Under this scheme, individuals joining the army are bestowed with the title ‘Agniveer.’

Recruitment Statistics: In the context of soldier recruitment in the Indian Army under the Modi government, the scheme comes at a time when there has been a hiatus in recruitment. The table reflects the recent trends, highlighting a pause in recruitment activities during the years 2020-2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agneepath Yojana Kya Hai
Agneepath Yojana Kya Hai
Year Soldiers Recruited
2015–16 71,804
2016–17 52,447
2017–18 50,026
2018–19 53,431
2019–20 80,572
2020–21 0
2021–22 0
2022–23 0

Qualification and Criteria: The eligibility criteria for the Agneepath Scheme include an age range of 17.5 to 23 years for applicants. However, due to the recruitment pause in the last two years, the government has granted a two-year age relaxation for the first year of recruitment. Educational qualifications stipulate a minimum of 50 percent marks in the 12th standard.

Scheme Features: The Agneepath Scheme boasts several features outlined by the Defense Ministry:

  1. Merit-Based Recruitment: The scheme encourages youth from all over the country to join based on merit, without reservations on the basis of caste or religion.
  2. ‘Agniveer’ Title: Soldiers recruited through this scheme are designated as Agniveer.
  3. Permanent Positions: After four years of service, 25 percent of Agniveers will be made permanent based on their skills, with access to pension and other soldier facilities.
  4. Skill Certification: After completing service, Agniveers will receive skill certificates, enhancing their employability.
  5. Gallantry Awards: Agniveers are eligible for gallantry awards for exceptional performance during their service.

Salary and Posting: The scheme offers a structured salary progression over four years, starting from Rs 30,000 in the first year and reaching Rs 40,000 in the fourth year. Additionally, soldiers will benefit from the Seva Nidhi Scheme, contributing to a corpus fund. After four years of service, soldiers will receive a lump sum amount, tax-free.

Objective of Agneepath Scheme: The Agneepath Scheme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide employment opportunities for youth.
  2. Empower and strengthen the youth associated with the scheme.
  3. Reduce unemployment in the country.
  4. Prepare youth for their future through training and skill development.
  5. Increase self-confidence among the youth and instill discipline.

Agniveer’s First Batch (2023): The inaugural batch of Agniveers, numbering 5000, will undergo rigorous training at the Artillery Center in Nashik Road. Training includes basic military training for the initial 10 weeks, followed by advanced training programs for the remaining 21 weeks. The batch will be divided into disciplines based on qualifications and skills, such as drivers, gunners, radio operators, and technical assistants.

The Agneepath Scheme, with its focus on skill development, employment, and national service, emerges as a transformative initiative to shape the future of India’s youth.

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