Canvas Painting Designs Easy

Canvas Painting Designs Easy


Embarking on a canvas painting journey is a delightful way to express your creativity. If you’re a beginner seeking inspiration, this collection of easy and stunning canvas painting designs is tailored just for you. Let these ideas be your guide as you bring your artistic visions to life on canvas.

1. Tranquil Sunset Silhouette: Begin with a calming scene of a sunset silhouette. Use warm hues like oranges, pinks, and purples to create a serene and visually striking canvas painting. Experiment with blending techniques to capture the tranquil beauty of a setting sun.


2. Whimsical Tree of Life: Craft a whimsical tree of life by painting a twisting and turning tree with vibrant, contrasting colors. Add details like swirling branches and leaves to infuse a touch of magic into your canvas. This design allows for personalization and creative expression.


3. Abstract Ocean Waves: Dive into the world of abstract art with a painting of ocean waves. Experiment with different shades of blue, green, and white to create a dynamic and visually captivating representation of the sea. The beauty of abstract waves lies in their fluidity and movement.


4. Blossoming Cherry Tree: Paint a delightful cherry tree in bloom with soft pink and white blossoms against a light blue or pastel background. This simple yet charming design adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your canvas.


5. Silhouette Cityscape: Create a silhouette cityscape against a colorful sunset or night sky background. This minimalist yet impactful canvas painting allows you to experiment with the play of light and shadow, making it an excellent choice for beginners.


6. Cosmic Galaxy Exploration: Explore the cosmos with a cosmic galaxy painting. Use deep blues, purples, and blacks to create a stellar background. Add splashes of vibrant colors to represent distant galaxies and stars. This design offers a fantastic opportunity to experiment with different brush techniques.


7. Playful Abstract Flowers: Dive into the world of abstract florals by painting playful and vibrant flowers. Use bold and contrasting colors to create an eye-catching composition. This design encourages freedom and spontaneity in your brushstrokes.


8. Balloon Sky Adventure: Craft a whimsical scene of floating balloons against a colorful sky. This lighthearted canvas painting design allows you to experiment with different shapes, sizes, and colors of balloons, creating a joyful and uplifting atmosphere.


1. Sunset with Moon Painting

sunset with moon
Artist Credit: kjtuffnellar

Sunset paintings are great beginner paintings. To learn how to paint your own sunset, check out the YouTube video tutorial Ocean Sunset.

2. Acrylic Bee Painting

acrylic bee painting
Artist Credit: art.mmd

I’m a big fan of the bumblebee, so this acrylic painting really caught my eye. The artist did a great job with the painting, and the color palette is perfect.

3. Care Bear Painting

Care Bear Acrylic Painting
Credit: natalieburrow1077

It’s hard not to feel a little fuzzy inside when it comes to Care Bears. These colorful, cuddly critters have been spreading love and cheer for decades, and now you can bring that same warm feeling to your life with a cute painting.

4. Cat on Ball Painting

Cat on Ball Painting
Credit: Picomodi

Show off your love of cats with a playful painting of a black cat on a yellow ball. This modern piece will bring some fun and creativity to your art collection.

5. Mountain Morning Painting

Mountain Morning
Credit: Nadja

Capture the beauty of nature with a painting of a mountain morning in the wilderness. You can paint snow-capped peaks or a meadow blanketed in fog.

6. Sunburst Painting

Credit: Modern Tropical

Let the sunshine in with a fun sun painting. You can achieve this look by using metallic paint in the color gold.

7. Easy Flowers Painting

Credit: Picomodi

I love the simplicity of this sunflower and bee painting. This is the perfect beginner’s painting. The orange, yellow, and green colors go together perfectly.

8. Ferris Wheel at Night

Ferris Wheel at Night

There’s something magical about a Ferris wheel at night. The way it lights up the sky is simply stunning. I’ve been searching for my next painting idea, and this Ferris wheel painting is calling out to me.

9. Abstract Cat Painting

Abstract Tiger Painting
Credit: Joao Incerti

Get creative and show off your wild side with an abstract cat painting. This captivating piece has a fun and eye-catching look.

10. Campfire at Night on a Triangle Canvas

campfire and night sky painting on triangle canvas
Artist Credit: journalby.em

I love how cool the triangle canvas makes this painting look. Using different-shaped canvas is perfect for giving your painting as a gift.

Benefits of Using Acrylic Paints Part One

Wide range of color options – Acrylic paints come in many colors, including bright hues and subtle shades, so you can easily find the perfect colors for your project.

Easy to use – Unlike other types of paint, acrylic paint is easy to apply and requires no special techniques or skills. This makes it ideal for beginners who want to explore their creativity without worrying about complicated painting techniques.

11. Floral Acrylic Painting

Artist Credit: atuflower

A flower painting like this would make an excellent gift for a loved one, especially for holidays like Mother’s Day. This would also make a great spring seasonal art piece.

12. Colorful Sun Painting

Credit: Nadja

This painting is so simple and beautiful. I would love to paint something similar using pastel colors. I think that pink and purple would look lovely.

13. Summer Fern Painting

Summer Fern Painting
Credit: Modern Tropical

14. Yellow Sakura Painting

Artist Credit: atuflower_

I love the yellow and purple color palettes used for this canvas painting. The texture of the leaves and moon make this painting stand out.

15. Woman and Florals Painting

women with floral landscape face
Artist Credit: art.mmd

This could be a challenging and fun project if you’re an adventurous beginner. Make your woman look different than the one shown here to give the painting your own personal touch.

16. Rainforest Painting

Artist Credit: Modern Tropical

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