Easy Nature Drawing With Pencil For Competition

Easy Nature Drawing With Pencil For Competition


Creating a serene nature drawing with pencil is a wonderful way to showcase your artistic skills in a competition. This step-by-step guide will help you craft a simple yet captivating nature scene that captures the beauty of the outdoors. Let the competition begin with the beauty of nature on your canvas!

Materials Needed:

Drawing paper
Pencils (HB, 2B, 4B)
Blending stump or cotton swab (optional)
Step 1: Select Your Scene: Choose a tranquil nature scene as your inspiration. It could be a peaceful lake, a serene forest, or a quiet meadow. The key is to select a scene that allows you to showcase your pencil drawing skills effectively.


Step 2: Sketch the Composition: Begin by lightly sketching the basic composition of your nature scene using an HB pencil. Outline the main elements such as trees, hills, or water bodies. Focus on achieving a balanced and visually appealing layout.


Step 3: Add Detail to the Foreground: Use a 2B pencil to add more detail to the foreground elements of your drawing. Define the features of trees, rocks, or any objects in the front of your scene. Pay attention to the natural textures and shapes found in your chosen environment.


Step 4: Create Midground Elements: Progress to the midground of your drawing, adding elements like additional trees, bushes, or gentle slopes. Vary the pressure on your pencil to create depth and dimension in this part of the scene.


Step 5: Develop the Background: Using a 4B pencil, work on the background elements of your nature scene. This could include distant mountains, a sky, or any far-off features. Keep the lines light and use hatching or cross-hatching techniques for shading.


Step 6: Refine Details and Texture: Return to the foreground and midground, refining details and adding texture. Use your pencils to create realistic textures for tree bark, leaves, or any other elements in your scene. This step is where your drawing starts to come to life.


Step 7: Shade and Blend: Focus on shading the different areas of your drawing to create contrast. You can use a blending stump or a cotton swab to gently blend the pencil strokes, giving a smoother and more natural appearance.


Step 8: Final Details and Highlights: Add final details to enhance the realism of your nature scene. Pay attention to highlights, shadows, and any additional features that will make your drawing stand out. Make sure your composition is well-balanced and visually engaging.


Step 9: Evaluate and Refine: Take a step back and evaluate your drawing. If needed, make any final refinements or adjustments to ensure that your nature scene is a cohesive and visually appealing masterpiece.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Seascapes
Seascape in Pencil

I love starting with beautiful beach scenes, complete with waves, seagulls, and sand dunes.

Sunset over the mountains

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Sunset over Mountains
Sunset Over Mountains in Color Pencil

A colorful sunset with mountains in the background is always breathtaking.

Lakes and ponds

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Lakes
Pencil Sketch of a Lake

Combining reflections, lily pads, and aquatic plants can make a relaxing scene.

Forest Path

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Forest Paths
Forest Path in Color Pencil and Pen

Creating a drawing of a forest path surrounded by tall trees and shrubs sparks the imagination.

Wildflower fields

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Wildflowers
Wildflowers in Color Pencil

Depicting a field full of colorful wildflowers and buzzing bees can be a cheerful and vivid scene.

Rocky cliffs

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rocky Cliffs
Rocky Cliffs in Pencil

Bold, textured cliffs overlooking the water create dramatic landscapes.

Desert landscapes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Desert Landscapes
Desert Landscape in Color Pencil

Cacti, tumbleweeds, and expansive sand dunes bring the arid desert to life.

Tropical Island

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Tropical Scenery
Tropical Island in Pen & Watercolor

My mind drifts to warm, tranquil beaches with palm trees, clear water, and a vibrant coral reef.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rainforest Scene

Capture the lush foliage, diverse wildlife, and even the occasional waterfall in a dense rainforest.

Rolling hills

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills in Graphite

Idyllic scenes of rolling hills with scattered trees and grazing animals are classic and peaceful.

Rivers and Streams

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rivers
River Drawing in Color Pencil

Flowing water, whether a gentle stream or a rushing river, offers endless possibilities for dynamic landscape drawings.

Snowy landscapes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Snowy Scene
Snowy Scenes in Color Pencil

A snow-covered scene with pine trees, frozen ground, and ice formations has a quiet beauty.

City parks

Nature Drawing Ideas_ City Park
City Park Drawing in Pen & Ink

Integrating man-made structures with the natural environment can add an interesting architectural element to a drawing.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Garden Scene
Pretty Garden Drawing in Pencil

Blooming flowers, pathways, and decorative ornaments have a calming and inspiring appeal.

Swamps and marshes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Swamp Scene
Swamp Drawing in Watercolor and Color Pencil

Create eerie scenes of swampy marshlands with Spanish moss and croaking frogs.

Sunrise on a farm

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Sunrise Over a Farm
Sunrise Drawing in Color Pencil & Watercolor

A peaceful sunrise over a farm with animals, fields, and barns is a timeless and sentimental drawing idea.

Autumn leaf piles

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves in Color Pencil

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