Facebook Tricks 2023

Facebook Tricks 2023

Facebook Tricks 2023
Facebook Tricks 2023

1. Dark Mode:

  • Activate Dark Mode on Facebook for a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions. To enable it, go to your Facebook settings, and under “Settings & Privacy,” select “Dark Mode.”

2. Custom Friend Lists:

  • Organize your Facebook friends into custom lists to control who sees your posts. You can create lists for family, close friends, acquaintances, etc., and choose who can view your content when you post.

3. Save Links and Posts:

  • Save interesting articles, videos, and posts to read or watch later. Click the three dots (…) on a post and select “Save post.” You can access your saved items in the “Saved” section of your profile.

4. Snooze or Unfollow:

  • If you want to temporarily hide updates from a friend or page without unfriending or unfollowing, use the “Snooze” or “Unfollow” option. Click the three dots (…) on a post and choose the appropriate option.

5. Hide Your Online Status:

  • You can appear offline to your friends on Facebook chat by turning off the chat or selecting “Turn Off Active Status” from the chat settings.

6. Mute Notifications:

  • Mute notifications for specific posts or conversations that are too active by clicking the three dots (…) and selecting “Turn Off Notifications.”

7. Customize News Feed:

  • Prioritize the posts you see in your News Feed by selecting “News Feed Preferences” under “Settings & Privacy.” You can unfollow people or pages, prioritize posts from certain friends, or discover new pages to follow.

8. Facebook Marketplace:

  • Explore Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell items locally. It’s a convenient platform for finding deals and connecting with buyers and sellers in your area.

9. Watch Party:

  • Host a Watch Party to watch videos together with your friends in real time. You can create a playlist of videos or select a live video to watch together.

10. Legacy Contacts: – Set up a legacy contact who can manage your Facebook account if something happens to you. Go to your settings, select “Memorialization Settings,” and choose a trusted friend to be your legacy contact.

11. Security Checkup: – Use Facebook’s Security Checkup feature to review and enhance your account security settings. You can review login activity, enable two-factor authentication, and more.

12. Facebook Avatars: – Create a personalized avatar that you can use as stickers and in comments. Look for the “Avatar” option in the comment composer.

13. Facebook Live: – Go live on Facebook to share real-time updates, host Q&A sessions, or interact with your audience. Live videos can engage your followers and create a sense of community.

14. Share Your Screen: – During a Facebook Messenger video call, you can share your screen to show a presentation or guide someone through a process.

15. Explore Facebook Gaming: – If you’re into gaming, check out Facebook Gaming to discover and watch live gaming streams, as well as create your own gaming content.

16. Create and Join Groups: – Facebook Groups are communities of people who share common interests. You can create your own group or join existing ones to connect with like-minded individuals.

17. Use Messenger Rooms: – Host video calls with up to 50 people using Messenger Rooms. It’s a great way to have virtual gatherings with friends and family.

18. Share 3D Photos: – If you have a smartphone with dual cameras, you can create and share 3D photos on Facebook. To do this, compose a post and select “3D Photo” as the photo type.

19. Add a Profile Frame: – Show your support for a cause or celebrate an event by adding a temporary profile frame. Go to your profile, click on your profile picture, and select “Add Frame.”

20. Use Facebook Dating: – If you’re looking for a romantic connection, explore Facebook Dating, a feature within the Facebook app that helps you find potential matches based on your interests and preferences.

21. Create Fundraisers: – You can create fundraisers on Facebook for charitable causes. It’s a powerful way to raise awareness and funds for nonprofits or personal causes you care about.

22. Enable Data Saver Mode: – If you’re concerned about data usage, enable Data Saver mode in the Facebook app settings. It reduces the amount of data used while browsing.

23. Share Your Location: – Share your real-time location with friends or family members using the location-sharing feature in Messenger. It’s useful for coordinating meetups.

24. Turn Off Auto-Play Videos: – Save data and reduce distractions by turning off auto-play videos in your Facebook app settings. You can choose to have videos play only when connected to Wi-Fi or never auto-play.

25. Use Facebook for Business: – If you have a business, create a Facebook Page to connect with customers. You can also use Facebook Ads to reach a broader audience and promote your products or services.

26. Event Creation and RSVPs: – Plan and manage events, from small gatherings to large conferences, using Facebook Events. You can invite friends and track RSVPs.

27. Explore Facebook Watch: – Discover a wide range of videos on Facebook Watch, including original series, live shows, and user-generated content.

28. Unsend Messages: – If you’ve sent a message on Facebook Messenger that you regret, you can unsend it within a limited time frame. Simply tap and hold the message, then select “Remove.”

29. Voice and Video Calls: – Use Facebook Messenger for voice and video calls with friends and family members. It’s a convenient way to stay in touch, even internationally.

30. Use Facebook Dating Secret Crush: – In Facebook Dating, you can select up to nine of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers as “Secret Crushes.” If they add you to their Secret Crush list as well, you’ll both be notified of the match.

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