Mukhyamantri Sukha Rahat Yojana

Mukhyamantri Sukha Rahat Yojana Jharkhand

Mukhyamantri Sukha Rahat Yojana

The state government of Jharkhand has declared 22 districts in the region as drought-affected, prompting the initiation of the Chief Minister Drought Relief Scheme. The scheme aims to provide compensation to farmers affected by drought conditions. As of December 4, preparations are underway to disburse Rs 3,500 to the bank accounts of registered farmers in the affected districts.

Mukhyamantri Sukha Rahat Yojana
Mukhyamantri Sukha Rahat Yojana

Deoghar District Takes the Lead: Deoghar district stands out in the registration process, with 1,02,134 farmers registered out of a total of 7,20,834 registrations across the state. Giridih and Palamu districts secured the second and third positions, respectively, while Koderma is reported to be at the last position. The registration window is open until December 15.

Impact of Drought: All 10 blocks in Deoghar district have been grappling with drought, leading to significant losses for farmers. The scheme is expected to provide much-needed relief by offering financial assistance to farmers facing hardships due to insufficient rainfall.

Scheme Details: Under the Chief Minister Drought Relief Scheme, each registered farmer will receive Rs 3,500 directly into their bank accounts. Notably, even farmers with minimal land holdings, as low as two decimals, are eligible for the scheme. The Agriculture Department is extending the registration process to include agricultural laborers and share-cropping farmers.

Registration Process: Registration is a crucial step for farmers to avail themselves of the benefits of the scheme. The process involves verifying and compiling the data of registered farmers in each district. In Deoghar, where the highest number of registrations has been recorded, the data will be sent to Ranchi after thorough verification by agricultural authorities.

District-wise Registration Details:

  • Deoghar: 1,02,134 farmers
  • Giridih: 79,056 farmers
  • Palamu: 72,741 farmers
  • Dumka: 63,669 farmers
  • Garhwa: 58,563 farmers
  • Godda: 58,868 farmers
  • Dhanbad: 31,535 farmers
  • Seraikela: 27,961 farmers
  • Hazaribagh: 27,089 farmers
  • Pakur: 26,797 farmers
  • Ranchi: 25,720 farmers
  • Jamtara: 20,479 farmers
  • Latehar: 16,470 farmers
  • Ramgarh: 16,453 farmers
  • Bokaro: 16,306 farmers
  • West Singhbhum: 14,170 farmers
  • Gumla: 13,998 farmers
  • Chatra: 13,185 farmers
  • Sahibganj: 12,487 farmers
  • Lohardaga: 12,312 farmers
  • Khunti: 7,724 farmers
  • Koderma: 7,127 farmers

Conclusion: The Chief Minister Drought Relief Scheme in Jharkhand is a crucial step in supporting farmers facing the challenges of drought. The comprehensive relief package is expected to mitigate the financial burdens on farmers and contribute to the recovery of the agricultural sector in the affected districts.

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