15 Low Cost Simple Pop Design Ideas

Today’s market has plenty of flawed ceiling designs, confusing home buyers. So, you are at the perfect place if you are looking for low cost, simple POP design ideas.

 Layered Low Cost Simple POP Design for Hall

The most convenient POP application in your home is to make a layered ceiling out of it. This is particularly great for small rooms as it adds an extra bit of oomph to the décor. You can use strip lighting in between the layers to brighten up your room. Consider using different colors of POP to add character to your home.

Layered low cost simple pop design for hall
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Layered false ceilings work like a charm

Add Statement Lighting to Your Low Cost Simple POP Design

If you are worried that your house does not look fashionable enough, how about a statement lighting fixture to go with your POP ceiling? A multi-tiered, antique chandelier is perfect to complement a warm or neutral POP false ceiling. This adds an extra bit of glitz and glamour to your household.

Low cost simple pop design for hall - add statement lightingPOP ceilings can work well with chandeliers

Pair Your Simple POP Design With Other Materials

It is wrong to assume that you cannot use different materials in your home’s POP design. Plaster of Paris can be complemented extremely well by glossy hardwood covering the ceiling. Consider lining the two ends of your ceiling with indented POP moldings and covering the space in between with a high-quality wood panel.

Modern Simple POP Design for Hall
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Wood and Plaster of Paris is a winning combination

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Go For Grandeur in Your Low Cost Simple POP Design

If chic grandeur is what you are aiming at, a POP false ceiling is perfect for you. Always remember to choose a unique shape or pattern for your POP ceiling. A mystic spiral is a good design idea. You can use different colors and sizes of studded lights within the structure to illuminate the room.

Modern simple pop design for hall - go for grandeurGrand décor designs can be made out of POP

Low Cost Simple POP Design – Accentuate With Colored Lighting

The easiest way to bring your POP décor to life is to adorn it with colored lighting. Blue, yellow, and soft red are often considered the most ideal lighting options for false ceilings made from POP. Different shades of the same color can be used in each false ceiling panel for a better impact.

Room low cost simple POP design - accentuate with colored lighting
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Colored lighting is a perfect addition to POP ceilings

Classic Yin And Yang Low Cost Simple POP Design

If you are searching for a simple low cost POP design, go for the classic yin and yang look for your ceiling. False ceilings do not always have to be elaborate. Black and white have been a forever favorite color scheme for all interior designers. So, pairing some black vertical stripes with a simple white POP ceiling can work wonders.

Classic yin and yang modern simple pop design for hallBlack and white POP designs look beautiful

Molding Modern Simple POP Design

It is a myth that POP can be used only for your home ceilings. The walls of your house can also make good use of delicate POP designs to look beautiful. If you are going for POP moldings on your living room walls, always try to keep it simple. A basic two-tone pairing with muted dark shades can look magical.

Modern low cost simple POP design with moldings
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Simple POP moldings can look elegant

White Low Cost Simple POP Design

The best kind of POP design is when you use white throughout. It gives your ceiling an ethereal antique charm. So if you are a fan of old museums, and palaces, and want to bring that old-world charm to your own home, go for intricate carvings in all-white POP.

All-white modern simple POP design for hallAll-white POP ceilings have a classic vibe

Low Cost Simple POP Design – Add An Antique Ceiling Plate

Another low cost simple POP design that can make your home look like a fairytale is the incorporation of exquisitely carved ceiling plates. Place a circular or rectangular antique plate right in the center of your ceiling. Pretty flowers and motifs can be carved to make it look pretty.

Modern simple POP design for hall with antique ceiling plate
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An antique POP ceiling plate has intricate carvings

Coffered Low Cost Simple POP Ceiling Design

A popular idea for a modern POP design for your living room or bedroom is to go for a coffered ceiling. Simple square partitions in your POP ceiling can make it look elegant and sophisticated. It lends a clutter-free vibe to your rooms and makes the entire architecture look spacious.

Room low cost simple POP design - coffered ceiling designCoffered POP ceilings make your room look spacious

Intricate Corner Crown POP Simple POP Design

A simple low cost POP design incorporates Plaster of Paris into the crown molding. The higher the level of intricacy in the carvings, the prettier it looks. It lends an antique vibe to every corner of your room and requires minimal investment. White crown moldings are often favored when contrasted against darker wall colors.

Low cost simple POP design - intricate corner crown molding
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Corner crown moldings can add definition to your rooms

Incorporate Innovative Panels And Lighting into Your Simple POP Design

Who said that you have to make an entire ceiling out of Plaster of Paris? Simply choose a coffered ceiling and fill up alternate partitions with exquisite POP molds. The other boxes can be adorned with innovative lighting options, such as small transparent bulbs. Choose ambient yellow lighting to add a special glow to your home.

Low cost simple POP design for hall - incorporate innovative panels and lightingInnovative lighting and POP ceilings go hand-in-hand

Geometric Shaped Low Cost Simple POP Design

An advantage of Plaster of Paris is that it can be molded in any possible shape and form. So, if you are looking to add some cutting-edge architectural features to your house, go for elegant geometric patterns. Slanting false ceilings, protruding triangles, and multi-edged geometric patterns made out of Plaster of Paris can adorn your walls perfectly.

Geometric shaped modern simple POP designPOP ceilings can be easily shaped into beautiful geometric shapes

Low Cost Simple POP Design False Ceiling

A simple and cost-effective way of sprucing up your POP ceiling is to attach extravagant features to a simple false ceiling. Firstly, opt for a basic, neutral-colored false ceiling made out of Plaster of Paris. You can attach pendant lamps or cascading bulbs to the ceiling as a decorative element.

Low cost simple POP design false ceiling for hallExtravagant features like pendant lamps can beautify a POP ceiling

Add Halogen Spots in Your Low Cost Simple POP Design

Lastly, if you want your rooms to be evenly lighted, your POP design can help you immensely. Simply add bright halogen spots throughout your false ceiling. You can go for different color schemes for your halogen spots. For your bedroom, you can choose lights with a warmer undertone while for the ones in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use bright, cool lights.

Room low cost simple POP design - add halogen spotsHalogen spots in your POP ceiling can brighten up the room

Colours To Elevate The Look Of Low Cost Simple POP Design Ideas

Regal gold: Enhance the look of your simple POP design with neutral tones like silver and gold. These colours look great both in the living room and in the bedroom. You can coat the room with a textured, gorgeous shade of gold and emphasise it with the hidden lights.

Aqua blue: Cool furnishings in soothing bedrooms conjure thoughts of a good day spent beside tranquil waters. Since your ceiling is the first thing you see when you wake up, it should be a calming colour to the eyes. Aqua blue POP paint has the power to uplift your mood and induce tranquillity.

White-on-white: The timeless appeal of a white false ceiling will outdo numerous colour options. It reflects light and gives the impression of depth, making areas look larger than they are. You may add textures that break up the uniformity of the room and give it life by layering and patterning a white artificial ceiling. Simple decorations arranged in crisscrossing patterns give this ceiling a touch of elegance.

Purple: A change from a darker shade of purple to the lightest shade of purple is referred to as a purple adaptation. The POP design of any room will be stunning and distinctive with this layout.

Yellow: You have seen the POP colour combination of yellow and white in a living room. The idea of painting the ceiling with zigzag designs in tones of beige and yellow is relatively novel. It would look fantastic in any space of any size.

Vibrant hues: Warmth and compassion take precedence over simplicity in places like children’s bedrooms. Infusing the artificial ceiling with a splash of brilliant colours might provide warmth and visual appeal to the space. The stunning hues of the artificial ceiling impart a happy and relaxing atmosphere to the room.

Black: Not everyone enjoys drinking black coffee. However, you could prefer the deeper tones of paint for ceilings to lighter ones. Contemporary living space may have a lot of drama when other components counteract a room’s plunging black top dramatically and strikingly

Low Cost Simple POP Design Ideas: Tips

Check the height: Before considering a POP ceiling design, one needs to ensure that the height from floor to ceiling level is high enough to accommodate a false ceiling without making the place feel claustrophobic.

Pre-plan: Plan the lighting layout that will help you determine a design for the best false ceiling design.

For small spaces: Choose a simple POP ceiling design with clean straight lines and avoid mouldings in small areas.

For large areas: You might use double-layered ceilings or distinctive forms, textures, and finishes to create drama for big rooms.

Make a border: If the space doesn’t have a lot of height, try designing a POP ceiling that runs along the edge of the walls to preserve the size. It also allows you to add mood lighting.

Maximise: Conceal all electrical lines, AC ducts and copper pipes within the POP ceiling to maximise the space between them.

Create assistance: Gypsum ceiling is fragile and less durable

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